Trunks from the Riviera

If there's one thing the French know it's relaxing, from the Riviera, to the 35hr work week, to Tony Parker taking it easy on les Griz. Bringing their style to Austin poolside chilling, Hartford.The French menswearists have just shipped Service a netted cache of Barton Springs-ready trunks that run the gamut from cheeky prints to minimalist styles in mostly shorter cuts, like Chris Mullin, except he no longer gets wet. In-store curation includes contrast-white-stitching stone or navy numbers with two thick color bands near the waist, as well as a classic baby blue thin vertical striper and a darker navy/white stripe background behind a patterned print of a red, white, and blue motorcycle helmet -- so when people reach for your junk, you can say "It's Evel, don't touch it!" Head to their e-store for more options like board shorts in 10 colors (sky, coral, army), muted or totally over-the-top florals, a near-psychedelic paisley, a Richard Scary-like print of VWs, and the sweetest: a print of Union Jack flags behind babes on vintage scooters, leaving treadmarks you don't have to be ashamed of.Not to forget your upper half, Service is also boasting an impressive selection of Hartford's oxfords and polos, a shirt named for a sport where Spurs can still be effective.