Vim Beget

Germany has had lots of success in America, thanks to the proliferation of beer, luxury automobiles, and trendy baby names like Benjamin and Detlef Schrempf. For a line of metal man-wear inspired by successful German fashion, check Vim Beget.

Created by a Seattle-based photographer (with some help from his girlfriend), and inspired by the edgier fashion he saw while living in Germany, this line of harder-than-sterling German Silver mewelry is handmade by spinning/weaving individual rings into man-appropriate chains that're colored with a combination of chemical treatments and "secret heat techniques", most of which were straight jacked from Cleveland.

VB's neck lacing includes the 6ft long Copula made with three different sizes of brass/silver JPL chain separated by independently swiveling connectors; the minimalist 29in Merus; and one with a 32in chain that's doubled back and hung with a triangular pendant called Axis, which grants its users the Power to unsuccessfully team up with Bulgaria and Hungary during wars. There're also bracelets (a 24in triple wrap version of the Copula necklace, and a 16in take on the Merus), and a traditional "chainmaille"-style E-41 ring that exceeds a mere E-40 ring In A Major Way.

On the not-metal front, VB's got a handcut deerskin leather Cervidae wallet meticulously folded/sewn to produce five pockets, and fitted with Lift-the-Dot snaps originally designed for use on utility pouches for American soldiers in WWII -- a time when Germany had no success in America, as it would be years until Detlef Schrempf electrified the imaginations of America's youth.