Morbidly cool mancessories

Published On 04/04/2011 Published On 04/04/2011

Putting together a killer outfit requires cool accessories, as getting caught committing crimes with a bunch of losers is a total drag. Keeping you stylishly grisly in mancessories, Bjorg's 2011 Collection.

A Norwegian design company launched back in the aughts, Bjorg's latest collection of handmade mewelry's inspired in part by what they describe as "temptation and the inevitability of decay", so apparently having the world's highest standard of living isn't doing much for their morale. Steez starts with pendant action like the Moods 313, a black silver chain with a silver plate engraved with "Big Shot" beside a gold-plated antique pistol, and the Memento Magicka 309, a ball chain strung with a 1.5" shiny silver skull key whose eyes're set with "rose cut" diamonds, the inherent value of which're only boosted by the delicate craftsmanship of Betty White. On the ring tip, there's the sterling silver 340, a multi-ringed knuckle job modeled after a ribcage (all connected by a spine), and the solid black silver 309 with three tentacle-shaped spinning rings on the outer edge; cuffs, meanwhile, include a pair of silver amulets with a faceless, bowler-hatted dude with an eye mark that seems inspired by A Clockwork Orange, a perfect match if your shirt's ultra violet.

Previous collections're avail as well, including a knuckleduster with a long bar rocking the phrase "Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner", unless of course that's what you decide to do after you kidnap 'em.



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