High-end streetwear, now actually on the street

Buying something from a van usually means one of two things: either you now own stolen goods, or you've just purchased the services of a certain Mr. Wilder, and are in for the craziest party of your lives, Jewish frat. Now they also apparently sell sweet kicks, thanks to the Green Street Vault.

Just hitting the streets and helmed by an Emerson marketing student & his former sneaker shop co-worker, this first-in-the-Hub wheeled boutique channels the ingenuity of a food truck (or, maybe just a truck truck) into selling high-end kicks and apparel, and boasts daily changing "menu boards" and graphics exclaiming "so fresh!" and "so green!" -- also part of the original lyrics for Outkast's song about mouthing off to your mom, then coming down with a stomach flu. Opening-week offerings include a red crewneck from Annie Mulz that rocks a snake-entwined "A"; Society of Original Products' gray button-ups; and a black PUZL tee with "Say Yes" screamed from megaphone, aka the most romantic way Michael Bay could think to propose. For your dogs, there're sneaks like the Vans Woessner in white hemp, royal blue Puma Clydes, a pair of khaki Johnson Lows from The Hundreds, and Nike's LeBron 8 PS, coincidentally, the same number of PS's there are on his hate-mail, all of which say "you suck!".

To bring out the best in your new kicks, GSV also hawks accompanying merch like Meister watches, five-panel hats from Boppo!, and decks from Newbury St's blvd. so you can skate, much like Van did with his classes, until he realized it was time to grow up/ had drained AEPi dry.