Custom messengers made from salvaged military gear

Just because people spend a lifetime tirelessly trying to get monkeys off their backs doesn't mean you can't put one on yours, and then fill it with stuff, and carry it around like a boss. So do that with a bag from Dappermonkey, the awesomely monikered tote creators out of Brunswick, ME that handmake their line almost entirely from rescued vintage/military materials "steeped with memories and history", and primed to alleviate posterior traumatic stress.

Stylish samples include the:

"Van Aller" Rucksack Crafted of canvas salvaged from an Army pup tent, this customizable drawstring pack boasts brass buckles, vegetable-tanned leather straps, and copper rivets that're hand-hammered, though, in this case, you can touch this.

Canvas Tote Intimidate cashiers at Trader Joe's by bagging your weekly stash of vegan soy bacon in this 12in tote stitched from Capt Fred C Wall Jr's 1951 standard-issue military duffel, with handles made from old window weight ropes.

Tartan MacBook Case Boldly spitting in the face of Scotland's Dress Act of 1746 (eat that, you tartan-banning b*tches!), this 15in custom case is cut from an old plaid flannel and rocks a corduroy interior whose pocket was originally on the shirt breast, plus canvas straps, because sometimes the only way to get that monkey off your back is to move it closer to your shoulder.