Jetty-inspired jauntiness

Not everyone realizes it, but a city's port used to be the epicenter of urban life -- indeed, how could any of its sailors have been so jolly without such a strong dessert wine?? For attire that asserts piers and docks and stuff were also important: WHARF Clothing & Wares

The signature line from this e-tailing/brick & mortar Providence haberdashery, WC&W evokes a bygone era when merchants (apparently!) peddled high-quality wares at the town wharf via classically tailored button-downs billing themselves as "The Center of Your Style", meaning they must somehow complete the Venn diagram of "bespoke British suiting" and "hilarious Co-ed Naked tees". Choice Spring/Summer highlights from the "numbered" collection include

The TWO Seersucker Popover: This three-button joint's perfect for those casual Cape evenings, in that it'll go nicely with your informal cape

The FIVE Madras Overdye: Designed to look "perfectly imperfect", this aggressively hued & pocketed number is given a pre-wash designed to actually accentuate the aging process, to which a withered Ozzy Osbourne exclaimed "bishawaull arsh mummanihonnn"

The SIX Linen Plaid: This puppy's kept minimal so as to not to take away from a "mesmerizing" fabric that "speaks for itself", which it probably just does to make Ozzy Osbourne feel even worse

And because Tim Gunn probably says you should accessorize, WC&W's also dropped a limited line of red deadstock linen ties, and wants you to pack all your new styles in an elegant three-piece set of duffels crafted from marine canvas, also a blank seascape that would've remained starkly lacking in jolly sailor songs without all that wine.