Your grandfather's shirts, just not in XXXXL

Initially just a shoe line launched by a designer who most recently revitalized Woolrich Woolen Mills, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam is now completely fine with you having safe, legal sex with its full collection of clothing, which features a look that's vintage/military-inspired, so fully expect to get trench foot immediately upon putting them on.

Highlights include:

S/S Camp Shirt This smooth rayon tropical number looks like a shirt your grandfather would've worn on a trip to Hawaii, if it was actually a state back when he was -- what's that? 1959, really? Oh. Still, the point remains: your grandfather never f-ing went to Hawaii.

L/S Tab Collar Fun Shirt This tab-collared blue gingham check/lighter-blue striper looks like one your grandfather would've worn to a Sadie Hawkins dance, before he realized what a Sadie Hawkins dance consisted of, and went on a rant about the dissolution of the sanctity of gender roles.

Nylon Camo BD Shirt This camouflage shirt (made from the stuff they make ponchos out of) looks like the type your grandfather would've worn during the war if it was fought less in trenches and more in entrenched hipster enclaves. Battle of Brooklyn, indeed!