Wheelmen & Co.

Passing a skill down from generation to generation can be an excellent way to keep history alive, unless it's cobbling, as those dudes never get laid. Spinning great grandpa's cycling skillz into sweet satchels for your commute: Wheelmen & Co

From a couple of buddies outta southern CT (one of whom's great grandpappy was a 19thC Irish bike mechanic/builder... supposedly one of the first!), W&C's a fresh cycling-inspired line of backpacks/ messengers which evokes a throwback vibe and pimp the tagline, "Classic Tailoring: Modern Function", but not "Classic Tailoring For a Modern Function", because you'd look ridiculous at The Matzo Ball with tails and a bowler hat. Choice rucksacks include

Minuteman MessengerAn organizer's dream, the MM sports multiple specific-use pockets (iPhone/Blackberry, laptop, etc.), plus a 2in Cam Lock/side stabilizer strap to prevent bag sway, which MTV will never do, as dude knows a lot about obscure hip hop

Babylon BackpackThis wax cotton commuter special boasts grain leather accents and an internal laptop pocket (as carrying your laptop externally can be risky), plus it's avail in black, brown, or the extra pick-able "Martini olive"

Chutney Hip BagThis smaller, 10"x6" number rocks a Velcro-sealed flap closing, bike lock pocket, and a secret compartment for hiding all your "little stuff", which is also a miniature men's magazine whose cover can only fit one of Mario Lopez's abs

So your bag doesn't feel lonely, W&C also hawks accessories like the mustache'd Mr. Wheelmen crew neck fleece, the royal blue Conrad belt, and even a full grain leather koozie, perfect if you like your beer like your cobbler's sex life: ice cold.