Dress shirts you can run a marathon in

Published On 01/12/2012 Published On 01/12/2012

Seeing how the only person who looks good pitted out is Larry Fitzgerald during his college homecoming, you should probably either invent a serum that makes you stop sweating all over your dress shirts, or pay a visit to the Ministry of Supply.

Awesomely named for the cover agency that supplied British Special Ops with shoe lasers during WWII, MoS is a debut line of stylish "Under Armour meets Polo" dress shirts stitched exclusively from moisture-wicking performance fabrics and created by a trio of former MIT athletes-turned-clothiers eager to do coffee-break hang cleans in the conference room make business duds more user-friendly.

Show up to work bone-dry and looking good in:

The Agent Designed to "unleash the secret agent within you", this tailored-fit long-sleeve features a proprietary wrinkle-free fabric made from coated, uber stain-resistant fibers, vented back stretch panels for increased mobility/ easier standing moonsaults, and even collars/ cuffs embedded with silver fibers to help combat odor, even though silver cuffs are usually used to combat stronger offenses.

The Undershirt Ensuring you don't waste a sweet wicking dress shirt by sporting cotton underneath, this slim-fit, white v-neck's also made from moisture-moving material and boasts both an anti-microbial coating and a knit that stretches four ways, like that stone-cold pimp Larry Fitz when drawing out love-making sessions with alumnae who sweat him.



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