Tees that make you look smart <em>and</em> artsy

Because your "Do You Feel It Trickle Down?" tee probably got stained in Dewey Square, replace it with something equally as counter-corporate courtesy of Mozaiks. The growing Hub-based collaborative of artsy graphic tees includes different thematic lines of designs from six different artists, all started by two buddies from UMass/Dartmouth who believe that people "would rather wear art than brand names" (Juicy Couture excluded, of course).

Retire your sleeveless denim muscle tee in favor of:

Sinkhole Briefly step off your box full of soaps and let your shirt deliver the stinging social commentary as you rock this black crewneck featuring zombie-styled bankers climbing over one another to figuratively escape the frame around George Washington on the $1 bill, and metaphorically "avoid the repercussions of their actions". Cerebus Gray with black cover-stitched neck/ shoulders/ cuffs, this thermal waffle-knit long-sleeve will make your Greek Mythology professor like this on Facebook once he sees the logo depiction of the "three-headed beast that guards the gates of the Underworld", presumably in an effort to keep them from seeing the latest film in the series.

Our Legacy Part of the "United Notions" collection, this lightweight ring-spun jersey number features a drawing of a giant tower of junked cars topped with an American flag, though admittedly, topping it with a velour tracksuit would've made it even Juicy-er.