Gear perfect for burning bridges

Name changes often signify new values, from Prince fighting his new contract, to Muhammad Ali asserting his faith, to a certain local soccer stadium apparently beginning its road to become a Jedi...although you still have much to learn, young JELD-WEN. For a duds company on its second moniker, check out the spring drop from Bridge & Burn.

From a dude with a decade of clothing design under his belt, Bridge & Burn's new line's comprised of versatile daily-use outerwear, upperwear, and legwear that speaks to a philosophy of constant progression, which makes sense for a company once known as La Merde, obviously changed because his shirt don't stink. Being Northwest born, Burn offers early-spring protection with long-sleeve button-ups like the two-pocket quietly rugged Prescott and the single-pocket Western-ish Fremont in wild plaids, plus jackets like the mid-weight canvas, hooded Madison, or water-resistant four-pocket waxed Irving with its slightly longer, bike-friendly tail, which is certainly one way to describe Sheryl Crow. For the coming warmer months Burn delivers short-sleeve shirting including the bright, BBQ-ready Killingsworth, and the more subtle gingham Lombard, both with nearly flat bottom hems for a neat untucked look that meshes with Burns' first foray into shorts: the sturdy twill Belmont, so expect stores in Seattle to buy a Slew.

Burn only constructs a single run of each season's line, making each new drop extremely limited, meaning when they're sold out you'll have to wait 'til fall for new gear, unlike Portland's downtown stadium, which'll always have caps.