Fonts can deliver their own messages: many universities use the classic, serif'd Georgia to lend a prestigious air to their letterheads, and Horatio prints all his show fliers in Comic Sans. For an apparel and accessory line that knows this, throw on some Ugmonk

Ug's a line of shirts, sweats, and accessories bedecked with minimalist statements in choice typography, run out of the graphic designer-cum-appareler's parents' Downingtown home, easily trumping anything you made in your parents' house, because technically, your dad constructed that science-fair volcano while you just watched the Tommy Lee Jones movie. The line includes

Tees: These text-centered duds include "One Hundred", with a blue 26 and red 74 intermingling and occasionally forming purple, and an overlaid block of text that reads "Words Aren't Always Meant To Be Read", which's true, unless that word is "Sonja"

Sleeves: This assortment of long-sleeved tees and hoodies includes offerings like "Lowercase", with an old-school bolded "a", and ampersand'd "And Then I Woke Up", which's presumably how all but one conversation about running a successful business based on typography-centric tees ended

Accessories: Non-wearables include leather-bound journals embossed with a fancier calligraphy-styled ampersand available in natural and green, also a movie where Robert Redford hits home runs, but only after ripping his shirt to pieces because he's super-angry

If you've just got to have a desktop wallpaper that matches your tee, you're in luck, and Ug's also doing a handful of typograph'd reusable shopping bags and totes, perfect for carrying all the little non-Horatio-sized things on your upcoming Boat Trip.