Keep it comfortable AND keep your job

While American workplaces have grown increasingly casual in recent years, certain appearances still have to be maintained, or, in the case of your junk, prevented. Making the scourge of pants as bearable as possible, Betabrand's Dress Pant Sweatpants.

The latest brainchild of creative clothier Betabrand, DPS's are promised to "make any day feel like Casual Friday", apparently also the screenwriter's approach to penning sequels even without the blockbuster star quality of Chris Tucker. At first glance, they pass for a standard pair of charcoal gray dress pants outfitted with slash pockets in front/button-flaps in back, belt loops, and a little extra reinforcement in the knees to prevent wearing, ostensibly for those who really want to keep their job. The fabric, though, is a custom-made, ultra-fine French terry made from high-end recycled cotton, making them "an experiment in sartorial subterfuge", a rebellious attitude that continues with the flashes of orange twill lining the pockets and fly, seen only by those you're about to give some sugar, Ray.

They're also soliciting feedback on a similarly constructed jacket, which'll only go into production if they receive a positive enough response, aka, the opposite of what you usually get upon the appearance of your junk.