Moods of Norway

Norwegians have a reputation for being very pleasant, though how can you be upset when you get to say "fjord" all the time? Fjord! Get some clothes to go with that good attitude, at Moods of Norway

Freshly dropped in Chi after already sweeping through Europe, MON's a wardrobe-wide clothing company from a trio of nordic fellows promising "happy clothes for happy people", though thankfully nothing's too shiny. Torso coverage (donning their telltale tractor logo) includes cotton pique polos striped in bright blues and greens; solid blue button-downs with a subtle western-style chest pocket; and epaulet'd short sleeve versions in a range of bright plaids they've dubbed "fairy checks", a good idea considering anyone in need of teeth can't be trusted with cash. They're taking things dressier as well, with three-piece suits (also sold as the individual pieces) in subtle grey/blue plaids, plus jackets ranging from attention-grabbing, Dangerfield-esque blue/pink patterns to more toned down vibes like the deep gray "Black Mamba", who never thought he'd end up a Blazer

They even sling a smattering of footwear, from simple canvas slip-ons with a colorful tractor-patterned interior, to brown leather dress shoes with a stamped pink tractor, not a color ever produced by Ford. Ford! Nope, not the same.