Stateside-designed shades made in Italy

When you bring America and Italy together on a project it can create some amazing results, assuming you're amazed they've managed to string out the Jersey Shore for one more season. Beat up the beat, Florence! For a classier Italian-American effort, check out Illesteva.Just dropped at Labrabbit Optics, Illesteva was conceived by a duo of design-savvy New Yorkers who in turn have their eyewear creations handmade in Italy by seasoned experts, proving all Italians are literally covered in oregano. Some spring-friendly options:These horn-rimmed tortoise shell frames come equipped with a set of clip-on shaded lenses in a model they've dubbed the Lenox, which will help you go incognito when challenged by large Ukrainian brothers.The Howard is outfitted with boxy straight-edged rims made with grained wood, avail in either a stained dark brown or the more natural Classic, making it one of the few things that can act natural when sporting wood.The semi-rimless Leonard 2 has a matte finish that gives the frames a stone-like quality, and as a bonus will hide your own.For the month of May, mention Thrillist while purchasing and Labrabbit'll knock ten percent off your bill, a deal those kids from the Jersey Shore now that they've signed on for Season 8: Belgrade - - if you thought grenades were bad, wait until they discover landmines!