Tout yours with your torso

Turning one of Chicago's monikers into a fashion statement doesn't always work (sorry, City of Big Shoulders padded '80s suit jackets), but a local graphic designer has decided that the City of Neighborhoods is perfect fodder for tee designs, working up a logo for each 'hood and collabing with Below The Collar to get 'em on your chest. Local pride is just a few clicks away if you're from..

Logan Square: The bird atop the Illinois Centennial Monument serves as a steady reminder that not all Chi-produced Eagles vomit in big games and forget the overtime rules

Hyde Park: The lettering mimics the design of the windows on the Robie House, so yeah, you'll be looking Wright

Armour Square: It's only appropriate to recognize the home of the White Sox with some scoreboard pinwheels

Andersonville: Swedes started flocking here in the mid-19th century, which explains the hilarious accents and disgusting food stripes of the Swedish flag

Edison Park: The "O" doubles as an homage to the inventor of the lightbulb, as if the ceiling of every single small-plate-focused gastropub wasn't doing the job

Uptown: Marquee-style lettering signifies the legacy of Lawrence & Broadway as an entertainment hub, carried on by the Aragon and the Riv

Back of the Yards: The history of the stockyards lives on with a nose ring and a pair of longhorns, animals that're most closely associated with a state whose population still wears suit jackets with enormous shoulder pads.