Making skincare (kind of) manly

Taking care of your face is something you've been told since middle school, which is kind of unfair, as no 14 year old should have to deal with Dirk Benedict on their own. Keeping faces in check better than General Stockwell's aide Carla, Code SC.

Made using medicinal plants, essential oils, and natural cosmeceuticals culled only from sustainable/ organic/ magic sources, these bro-appropriate face-improvements are produced in the Spokane home of a skincare vet, and are irreverently named by her husband, who also does the lighting at concerts for bands like 30 Seconds To Mars, so he's been on tour most of his (so called) life. The making-you-pretty starts with a three-piece shave pack that includes the grapeseed-based/stubble softening On Your Mark pre-shave oil; a non-foaming shave cream blended with conditioning agents like lavender, blue lotus, and chamomile called Get Set; and (wait for it!) Go! -- an after shave that reduces redness/ inflammation, and eliminates razor burn, which also occurs when you tell Ramon you know his real name is Scott Oliver Hall. Other products range from SPF 30 sunscreen (I Always Wear Protection), to cleansers (the fruity smelling Date Night, and the green tea-based Love Me Long Time), and problem solvers like a red wine extract packed Can We Take Our Drinks Outside? serum that's designed to be "anti-ugly" -- why you gotta hate on Lyle Lovett, serum?!? That dude's won four Grammys!!

Code SC also moves travel kits in zippered vinyl bags like the oily skin-combating Beat The Zits, and the mug-recharging Keep It Clean; plus their site helps you pick the right grill-enhancers with a simple skin-type test that identifies whether your skin is clear, or you've got the face of A-Team teen!!