Custom Coin Rings

They say a fool and his money are soon parted, but "they" clearly didn't think of remolding legal tender into a shape that could be forever attached to your body, making it impossible to actually spend. Who's the fool now, huh Dad!? Making money wearable: Custom Coin Rings.

From a Hoosier with a knack for metalworking, CCR's workin' for the man every night and day taking assorted US and foreign currency and transforming it into sized-to-fit rings that preserve as many of the coin's original details as possible, so Washington can finally give the finger to those Tory...Burches. In addition to the older GW quarter there's the full array of commemorative state ones (all with ridged edges on the outside and the state name prominently displayed), plus less common coinage like the elaborate greenery of a two franc-er from Switzerland, and '30s & '40s Walking Liberty half dollars, doomed to go out of style, as Americans love freedom, but hate walking. He's also taken to converting smaller coins (e.g., Roosevelt dimes) into cufflinks, while other repurposed goodness includes bracelets made from a discarded copper bike chain, so what, like, Peugeo-mba Juice?.

He's even willing to field custom requests for any coins you'd like to have ringified, but in order to make sure your money never leaves you, you'll first have to part with it, so...