Effing Gear

Some people say "Eff it" before taking off their clothes, but the guy behind Dallas-based Effing Gear wants you to say it while wearing his. He's got a huge spectrum of polos and South & Midwestern repping tees; here're just a few of the ways he can help you express yourself without throwing on a Madonna cone-bra.

Effing Country Club: Coming in everything from Horned Frog purple to "Green Oasis", these moisture-wickers' flip-you logo feathers provide that priceless "I'll pay $80,000 to join your establishment, but I won't play by your rules!" look

Augusta Effing Texas: Near Houston, this town's even more exclusive than Augusta, Georgia, because there are only like 20 people who live there

Waco Effing Texas: If you love drinking beer, smoking pot, getting married by 21, and finally being able to brag about a better quarterback than Cody Carlson, this shirt's for you.

Bonus: For every shirt you buy, another'll go to a needy person via the charity Fashion Delivers, and you'll also get a cool leather band to complement the yellow one you got from the ultimate "Eff It" guy, Lance Armstrong.