The Q Custom Clothier brothers go casual

Though the Q Custom Clothier brothers chose the West Village to host the flagship of their casual offshoot Rye 51, they launched the concept in Houston, not because it's a more laid-back city (Houstonians'd beg to differ, but please, shut up about that, Houstonians), but simply because their Dallas space wasn't ready. Now it is, and it's pretty pleasingly decked out: an exposed-brick retreat from the typical shopping experience where pool tables and a TV showing Bond flicks provide entertainment, leather chairs enable laziness, and an old wooden airplane propeller gives you something to have a "what's up with that?" conversation about while you suckle complimentary whiskey from their bar.Their house brand has off-the-rack offerings (a not-too-Western shirt; a royal blue number that's club-ready despite its blue collar influences...), but since custom's more fun, start off by choosing a "Rye Reserve" style. For shirts, those styles include the '50s-slick High Ball and the now-slick Ace; for pants, the early-career-influenced Brando; and for coats, the McQueen, which'll stop the ladies in their tracks, but Bullets, not so much. As for fabrics, they're using everyone from centuries-old English weaver Thomas Mason to Italian woolmaker and huge R&B fan Toni Tommi. They also stock a host of "more accessable" outside brands -- that is, not too loose or too fitted -- like Gimo's Leather and Rag & Bone, what we all end up wearing no matter where we start out.