Italy's navy knows what time it is

Founded in 1860 by a Florentine with Swiss connections, Officine Panerai built their reputation supplying the Italian Navy everything from night-ready gun sights, to mechanical timing equipment for torpedo calculations, to Rolex movement wrist-tickers. These days, they're going toe-to-toe with that company for supremacy in the aspirational watch game, with base models starting at $4600, and high-end pieces that are... more than that

To better serve Dallas's landlocked luxury market, they've just opened a NorthPark boutique: a marble-floored, naval-influenced gem with display cases built into wavy walls, and one flat stretch dominated by a 10ft clock that might cost as much as the full-size version of the 2ft submarine model in the waiting area. We've put together a gallery of some of their sweetest timepieces -- check it out, if you've got, like, 3.124 minutes.