An acclaimed designer tries totage

True artists can become accomplished using myriad platforms -- Andy Warhol found success in painting, cinema, and music, while Mel Gibson kicked ass as an actor, director, and boyfriend. Expanding his already eclectic body of work, the guy behind De Bruir Bags.

From an Irishman previously lauded for his architecture, sculpture, and furniture design, DBB's a fresh collection of hand-stitched luggage cut from top-grade tanned leather, sharing its aesthetic with his existing portfolio and its inspiration of "push[ing] the technical capabilities of achieve sculptural yet always functional results", resulting in bags so nice you'll do the Duffel Shuffle. The examps:

Aviator: Vaguely resembling a saddle bag, this cylindrical job's specifically sized to fit in a plane's overhead compartment, features a dual-flap lid/multi-position holding straps, and's hand-stitched from bridle leather, a look so luxurious everyone will expect you to make it rein.

Laptop: Fitting 13-17" comps, this ultra-thin messenger's cut from a softer, lighter leather that nonetheless "is robust and will endure an unlimited amount of use", and's fully lined with black sheepskin, also how the producers phrased it when asking Chris Farley to go full nude.

Parachuter: Avail in two sizes, this boxy rucksack's got an ergonomically curved back, an attache-esque double-strap flap closure, and secure shoulder straps that snap to "bind in front of your chest", or periodically don't if you're Jenny McCarthy.

There's even a hearty crop of cases for smaller items, from pens and glasses, to passports and phones, an item that Mel discovered has myriad platforms for turning your career Apocalypto.