Drop some cash on/in these

Locally made leather goods are easy to find -- oh wait, this isn't Thrillist Shenzhen? Ok then, locally made leather goods are basically impossible to find, despite the supposed wealth of your stupid capitalist society... until now, with Ash & Ore.

Boulder-based, handmade leather accessories from a self-taught People's Republic gal, Ash & Ore started as a line of women's goods, but expanded when the wallet she made her boyfriend turned out to be something "other guys" wanted -- and when Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell want something, they get it. Peep the styles currently available:

The Mallet: This spin on a traditional men's wallet rocks brown, black, or gray leather on the outside, and an array of customizable, funkier interior colors like blue, lime-green, and red, proving the product's slogan "there's a party in your pants and you're the only one who knows".

The Minimalist: A hand-dyed, slimmed-down version of The Mallet, it has just two slots for credit cards and a single fold, but can also be customized with an array of crazy colors like hot pink or electric blue, aka when Jay-Z's baby accidentally sticks her finger in a socket.

Belt: This "non-dressy" waist-cincher can be done in everything from subdued dark gray/ traditional brown, to canary yellow/ speckled mahogany. It comes with a brushed nickel buckle, but like a worker in a Chinese leather factory, can easily be removed and replaced if it's not doing the job.