'Merican-made menswear in the Highlands

Trying to find quality products made in the USA is hard work, which, crushingly, has already probably been outsourced to someone in China. Don't despair though: Highland shop Berkeley Supply is here, and it's stocked with “fashionable men's workwear” all made in good ole America

At just 168sqft, it feels like you've stumbled upon the cabin of a forest gnome with impeccable taste (... as if there's any other kind!)

The quality denim selection includes this raw selvedge joint from Rogue Territory, an LA brand that offers a slim, straight leg option that's tapered without being full-blown skinny

The West Is Dead handmakes these dark canvas pants that're the same material as Carhartts, except that the colors will get you beat up at a construction site

Filson's been making outerwear since 1897, and provides the shop with coats lined with "extremely heavy cotton"

Shirting is primarily by the SF brand Taylor Stitch

Red Wing's Heritage line comprises their small but mighty boot selection

A Duluth, Minnesota co crafts these incredibly sturdy waxed canvas bags that're perfect for the trail or the city, one of which definitely applies to Duluth, Minnesota

Select ties from Taylor Stitch class up the joint, and are ideal for wearing to work, assuming you're one of the seven Americans that's still able to do that.