Modern bags in a vintage disguise

Because if plaid can make that chick from Blossom look decent, imagine what it can do for your laptop, courtesy of Stash Bags: a collection of vintage-fabric'd, mostly plaid satchels handsewn in Omaha by a Finnish-born lass under the heavy influence of "Scandinavian art and design", meaning it's just a matter of time before she's slapped with an IKEA laåsoot. Be woh!'d by

The Ultimate Stash Messenger: With so many pockets you'll "never have to rummage through the bottom of the bag" (six outside, four inside), this puppy comes in 13", 15", and 17" sizes to fit most laptops, except perhaps that tiny Apple one that just floats.Camera Messenger: Ready for your Canon Rebel or similarly sized, less-fractious camera, this 8-pocketed joint comes in water-resistant canvas

iPhone/iPod Case: Fitted for everything from your 4G to Touch, this clever number includes a strategically placed eyelet through which to thread earbuds, which is also a Golden Receiver prequel where a bunch of dogs just keep yelling at the refs

More conservative porters can cop most models in non-plaids like dark denim, tweed, or black vintage herringbone wool -- also what must've been pulled over the eyes of the network execs who gave that hat-mad chick a show.