Style, just up the street

It's only natural that the clothes shop owners sell should be a reflection of themselves (this, by the way, is why vampires make extremely poor clothing store owners). So now that the guys behind streetwear stop Burn Rubber are all grown up, it's fitting that they're opening a more adult boutique in two/eighteen.Now into their 30s, the duo are also mature enough to want to not get sued by Banana Republic, so the name's a Da Vinci-coded homage to their intended title "BR" (the second and eighteenth letters of the alphabet, respectively), and the space is kept upscale (bamboo floors, a leather-couched lounge) without being boring (a giant engine and a tractor tire supporting a glass table). Gear-wise, they're stocking everything from Staple Design's hilarious "easy" buttons button-downs, to Penfield outerwear, to one of the owners' own lines, Distinct Life Dry Goods, for basics like cut & sew crewnecks.And because even a guy who's graduated from the streets has to walk on them, they're acknowledging their roots with a kicks section full of Converse First String, Doc Martens, and Adidas, though spending all day dreaming is a sign of immaturity... or, you know, being a vampire.