Dreadnought Workshop

A wife's persistent nudging can inspire a husband to achieve the things he's always dreamt of, like finding a new wife who talks less. From a less chauvinistic artist whose wife drove him to greatness: Dreadnought Workshop

Working as a painter before his better half urged him to make a move to metal, the craftsman behind Charm City's Dreadnought Workshop handforges men's accessories with themes running from sea monsters, to his current fixation: "ships and trains!", meaning when it comes to developmental maturity, he may have missed the boat. Gaze upon

U.S.S Monitor Tie Clip This bronze clip's modeled after the Civil War ship that famously battled The Merrimack, making it the most badass Monitor since that cool eighth grader who smoked cigarettes after class

True Grit Colt Dragoon Money Clip Inspired by the True Grit scene where Mattie finds her dad's gun, the details on this bronze piece have been brought to life by "punching and stamping the metal", as opposed to punching and stamping to metal, which's actually just how those kids dance.

Sharpshooter Cuff LinksLet other black tie-ers know you mean business with these links rocking spent brass from rifle cartridges -- evidence that would normally lead to someone else being thrown in cuffs

And because all the cool accessories in the world won't make up for your pants falling down, Dreadnought's currently working on belt buckles based on everything from a tug boat to a viking ship: a vessel which, just like many marriages, is presumably full of people constantly locking horns.