Let your freak button fly

Self expression takes many forms: some choose to turn to the art to externalize their creativity, while others choose to turn to actual artists to externalize Calvin pissing on their rival high school mascot, on their right calf. Opting to express themselves through bold, dirty, and extremely geeky adornments, Electrik Pink Pirate.

Crafted in the grand OC, EPP's an "open for trading" outfit which constructs all kinds of gear proclaiming your nerdevotion, and deviant sense of humor, and virginity, all from a girl with a media BA whose "favorite color is purple :D", but not The Color Purple, as no one wants to see Oprah make Whoopi...overcome Danny Glover's predatory affections. Some main themes center around:

David Bowie: If, like most people, your childhood was plagued by nightmares from The Labyrinth, get all up in that again with pendants, bumper stickers, and anything else you can think of featuring Bowie as Jareth Labyrinth, including a button supporting "Team Jareth", although that may just be Bill Walton's button hyping that fat dude from Subway.

Zombies: To celebrate the undead, they're rocking white on red "I Have a Zombie Plan" pins, a tri-toned (red/ black/ white) "I'm Seriously Excited About the Zombie Apocalypse" with a tactical shotgun below, and all sorts of gear featuring the Umbrella Corporation -- the multinational conglomerate that apparently already got to Rihanna.

Random Other Stuff: Other shenanigans range from stuff scrawled with "There's Blood in my Caffeine System", to confusedly uplifting attempts like "When Life F**** You With Lemons... Wait what?", which doesn't sound that bad, until you realize they're talking about Detroit Tigers former CF Chet, and family. See? Now it doesn't sound so funny, huh?!?

They're also slinging other dweebiness including swashbuckling pirate pieces and cleverly slogan'd trinkets from Harry Potter and True Blood, which is what that tat artist is going to draw out of you, when you go back in ten years to switch that mascot to "non-local surfers".