It sucks breaking in new sandals, though it certainly does help that all the booze, food, and bonfire beach celebrations are included in the price. For the type of sandals that won't make you attend a break-the-ice mixer, check out Freewaters

Just dropped this week, Freewaters is an eclectic line of flip flops made w/ proprietary materials that ensure they fit your foot immediately when you put them on, from the unlikely duo of a snowboard boot guy and another dude who makes wetsuits, which're always funny until you realize your cell phone's still in your interior breast pocket. Thongs're divided up into three distinctive categories: the classic-looking "FitPerfect Plus", which contains a sole with different-density foam in the heel and arch than the forefoot; the "First", which's extra-bendy w/ an arch shank that replicates the feeling of a running-shoe midsole; and "Bizness", which's made out of lightweight "Heelium" -- whiich coould juust bee a cleever foorm oof maarketing. Styles run the gamut, from the studded-sole "Magicarpet" to the leather "Henry" to the extra-wide "Dude", who probably should've used skim milk in those White Russians.

'Cause they're such good peeps, the purchase of each sale of Freewaters also includes a donation that'll provide clean drinking water to someone in need for a full year -- a noble effort, especially now that they're offering up a premium drink open bar!!!