Limited Edition T-hrillists

Published On 01/27/2011 Published On 01/27/2011

Scoring something you can't get anywhere else is an amazing feeling, which is why Mexico keeps the recipe for Montezuma's Revenge under such ridiculously tight wraps. Giving you that feeling without the chills, sweats, or stomach cramps, Limited Edition Thrillist Collab Shirts.

LET is a first-of-its-kind collab between Frank Stallone's favorite e-newsletter (you're reading it!), and three of the Hub's top tee designers, each of whom was asked to ink a limited-edition (only 50 of each) shirt wholly inspired by the oh-so-iconic '80s commercial (watch it here) featuring an awkward Cs team doing the wave after devouring a meal at old Garden standby Scotch 'N Sirloin. Three designs. 150 shirts never to be created again. Behold the glory:

J. Newbury: The Legend Despite donning a sweet purple blouse shirt, the legendary C's leader gets top billing on this super- soft white short-sleeve depicting a fork/steak knife-flanked bottle of signature Larry Legends Green Label Scotch adorned w/ green clovers and the phrase, "Our Team Cannot Be Beat", except by the Lakers, and the Pistons twice, and once when Dr. J went off for the Sixers which is 100% true. Ummm...Scotch. Scotch, Scotch, Scotch. Put yourself in a delicious glass of Celtics pride at
AntiDesigns: Lobster Chief This green crewneck centers around the commercial's most hilarious one-word delivery, in which Parish breaks open a shellfish while boldly declaring that the lobster (!!!) is better than the prime rib, which naturally solicited a chorus of "ooooohs" from his teammates, who'd always just assumed he was mute. Show how in awe of the Chief, and lobster, you were as a kid at
Regan Smith Clarke: Landmark With a vintage transit feel that's supposed to evoke memories of riding the elevated Green line down to the Garden with Pops, this double-sided Cs-colored typographic design blends the two "S"s of the seafood-heavy Scotch 'N Sirloin into fish hooks on the front, and a small emblem on the back with a less contemporary "classic steak house" vibe, also the name of the rap magazine's iconic cover featuring Biggie eating six Chateaubriands for two. Satisfy your craving to eat seafood while riding the T to catch the Celts at ReganSmith



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