London accessories for London weather

The humble brolly has lost much of its once venerated status in British culture, probably because the rest of society didn't want to be seen carrying something associated with women who are always craving Dick. Van Dyke. Hoping to breathe new life into wetness-prevention: London Undercover.

From a capital-based designer, Undercover aims to restore the lowly rainshade to its rightful, quintessentially British place as much more than just a "boring, disposable" item, by creating a range of snappy designs from wholly recycled/recyclable materials, though that technically makes them even more disposable. Stylish bumbershoot-ing in the "Premium Range" includes beechwood & bamboo-handled numbers like a dark plaid/tartan Union Jack, as well as a black-top with a London map on the underside; among the smaller, lighter, maple-handled "Classics" is one with a fish & chips underside, with Daily Mirror headlines up top, the better to see the sky falling. Fashion-label collabs include a Tenue De Nimes denim job (made in the very French home of jeans) with a subtle cotton-flower interior from Japanese illustrator Hiyoko Imai, plus a Maharishi-assisted pair decorated with jagged b/w striped "dazzle camouflage", painted on WWI ships to confuse the Germans about their speed, thus frustrating the Hun torpedoes' obsessive need to arrive punctually.

Beyond the brolly, there's a series of cashmere "gentleman's" scarves, and a pair of canvas & leather bags: the messenger-style "City" and the roomy "Flight Holdall", perfect if you're not content with simple Poppins.