Timeless designs, figuratively speaking

Building things that work well and last forever seems to be a lost art, what with cheap outsourcing, mass production, and it just being really, really hard. For time-keepers built to withstand rigors: Tsovet, just arriving in the UK.

This Cali-born Swiss-built line takes its fashionably no-frills inspiration from the military & industrial hardware of the first half of the last century, and claims "durability, precision ...and functionality" are its...ahem...watchwords. Some of the numerically named designs:

FW44: With an aerospace-grade stainless steel case and Ital calf-leather strap, this limited-ed number takes its cues from WWI infantrymen's field watches, a look that can only be described as Erich Maria Remarqueable.

LX73: The large stencil-type numbers emblazoned across the laser-cut face are meant to resemble the gauges of mid-20thC aeronautics -- so if your watch seems to stop working, all you have to do is frantically tap it 'til it starts ticking again!

NM85: This rubber-strapped piece owes its style to gear worn by the divers of the Russian Imperial Navy's Baltic Fleet -- so basically, don't wear this watch around the Finns.

Rounding out the collection is the square-faced AT76, which comes in either silver or black, and whose smooth corners are drawn from avionic instrumentation -- though despite its expert craftsmanship, it'll serve as a reminder that for the modern aviation industry, everything is really, really hard.