Clothes that're <em>supposed</em> to have paint on them

There's always been a strong connection between art and fashion, from Andy Warhol creating Interview magazine, to Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael each having their own daringly single-color-paletted face masks. Literally putting them together so you look smooth at your next pizza party: Bazango Creative

From one of the dudes behind pwn-happy blog Picture War, BC's a line of one-of-a-kind clothing pieces that're (often quite tastefully!) arted up with recycled paints, and then cured so the duds can be washed without the colors running, which is good for white, because it obviously has an un-athletic gait. While every piece is pretty unique, stuff available now ranges from Pollock-esque splatters on a rugged mechanic's windbreaker, to crazily checkered, multi-colored pants, to a button-up short-sleeve shirt called "Clem Plays", with its sleeves and collar decorated with small stars, because who doesn't want Emmanuel Lewis and the dude from Fantasy Island on their shirt? Since nothing's worse than walking into a party and seeing another dude with the exact same crazily checkered, multi-colored, hand-painted pants, they'll also make everything from custom suits to painted Chucks after asking for both your color likes and dislikes, as well catering to any special requests, and they're more than happy to paint up a piece of gear you already own, finally breathing new life into your Stanislav Medvedenko jersey.

And because apparently other things than clothes can be painted, he'll even come to your apartment and graffiti up one of your walls, while hopefully avoiding any splinters...'cause that dude had the worst fashion sense...drab brown robes? Live a little!