This is gonna get hairy

Immediately stop reading this email and start growing your beard and/or mustache, then start reading this email again so you'll know to take that beard and/or mustache to The Los Angeles Beard and Mustache Competition, now accepting entries. The Downtown June 24th facial-hair-off will highlight the city's most impressive growers & groomers, with nine open-entry categories of she-ticklers, ranging from straightforward mustaches and "Business Beards", to good-for-tying-up-ladies-on-train-tracks soup strainers and the anything-goes "Freestyle Beards" (see photo above).And because you've tried to grow out your mustache before and you just end up looking like a p*rn star named Jack Passion, we got world beard champion... Jack Passion (!!!) to drop science on the best way to grow, groom, and style epic face-hair, then accompanied it with the raddest whisker-ridden photos you've ever seen -- so immediately stop reading this email again and start clicking the photo-filled link below.Photos by Mary Lou Sandler for The Beard Book