Shaolin sneakers without the Wu-Tang sword style

Just dropped for the first time at Sportie LA, Shulong's a company whose name sounds hilariously similar to schlong! Euro-/ Hong Kong-based brand of canvas-and-linen sneakers whose noted comfortableness comes from a unique process wherein their cloth upper, rubber "sponge" inner & rubber outer sole are fused while baking in an oven -- a technique perfected by Shaolin monks, so they've been careful to respect the original Method, Man. Highlights from the line include:

ShuStreet: Their basic white-canvas model comes in a slew of different sole colors (bright blue, red, grey, etc.) and's available in a logo-clad high-top or a low-top with Chinese letters, suggesting the design team is likely a crack squad of trashy sorority chicks.

ShuClassic: Surprisingly not early episodes of Melrose Place starring Andrew, this canvas number looks the most like a slipper, and features a rubber sole and six different color options, though the Bright Navy really steals the Grant Show.

ShuPrint: These high-top pups come in an attention-grabbing blue pattern and an unusual, pink-ish slatted one that's the end result of blending linen and canvas, which people in the know refer to as linvas (NOTE: possibly incorrect).