A shop for gear made in the U-S-A! U-S-A!

There're lots of different ways to celebrate your love for America, from visiting our nation's capital, to shooting off fireworks on the Fourth of July, to adamantly refusing to delete The West Wing your TiVo, even when you're 97% full and Mob Wives is coming on in one minute. Stay strong!!! Giving you yet another way to celebrate those States United, Alex Maine.

Opening tomorrow both as a brick-and-mortar in WeHo and an e-commerce site, AM's a clothing company from a patriotic dude whose granddad knew Ben Affleck was in Pearl Harbor and has two cousins serving overseas, with its logo a repurposed backwards American flag ("like the troops wear on their sleeve") and 100% of the gear made in the States, though luckily not made in The State, 'cause nobody's dipped their balls in it. The cozy space is hangout friendly, with a giant flatscreen featuring a Wii, Xbox 360, and a TiVo (maybe they've got Mob Wives!), a giant couch, and a bar, as well as an in-store tailor who works on two sewing machines, which you have permission to rage against if he messes up your inseam. Wares include bamboo tees and fleece pullovers, but the focus is mainly on their pants, which're pimped with custom fabrics and fits; stylish options including a soft compact-twill number in tan/ charcoal/ "natural", and a grey herringbone choice that's cut like a traditional five-pocket pair of jeans but made from material more often used to construct a suit (so what, incriminating photos?).

To inspire repeat biz, they've got a cash-back referral program for people who advertise them on their personal blogs (who they awesomely refer to as "Captain Americas"), and they're having an opening party tonight w/ gratis drinks and grub from Fatburger -- a combination of words that describes America's other two biggest loves perfectly.