Finally, a store that sells adult onesies

As a kid, your clothing was more about comfort than style... until you started wearing Tevas, and instantly had both sitting right there on your uniquely sunburned feet. Giving you the comfortable duds of a kid with a style that almost compares to Velcro sandals, OnePiece.Like everything else Norwegian, OnePiece is an ultra-successful, ultra-strange clothing line opening its first cozy US outpost in LA tomorrow, solely dedicated to stylish updates of the onesies you watched the Disney Afternoon in, created by a trio of hungover Nordic dudes who woke up one morning and said, "We still believe in trolls!" "Let's sew a pair of sweat pants to a hoodie then attach a giant zipper, then eat a crap ton of smoked herring." All the pieces in the collection are made of ultra-soft thick cotton fleece, have absolutely no waist elastic, and feature double pockets, also what Kirstie Alley would product pitch to Hot Pockets if they weren't already stuffed in her mouth. There are a slew of different designs, ranging from basic horizontal stripes (in navy/ black/ purple), to a Christmas sweater-esque snowflake pattern, to a letterman jacket-looking number with the word "Player" on the back, which makes sense, 'cause former PGA Tour champion Gary Player loves these things. The store's having a private opening party tonight, with a crazy, open-bar (!), late-night house party, finally giving you the chance to be a Kid again, assuming you can impress Gina from Martin with your elementary rapping style.