Because you wouldn't want his underwear

Just dropped exclusively at the new Streets of Beverly Hills, Bobby Jones sunglasses are the first lensed collection from the clothing line based on the aesthetic stylings of the legendary '20s- and '30s-era amateur golfer/lawyer, who famously quit golf by the time he was 28, much to the chagrin of his buddies who wouldn't even know what sport he was referring to for another 22 years.

The line is made with your golf game in mind, which is why the handmade frames are designed to be outside your sight line during putting, the polarized lenses have a hydrophobic anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and repel water, and even the non-polarized versions have a coating that enhances the contrast so you can better "read the greens", even though Graham spells his last name with an "e", and all your book consumption is pissing off the group behind you. This first drop's got six unique pairs, ranging from the navigator-shaped gunmetal "Payne", to the black-framed "Gene" with stop-block hinges to prevent the frames from scratching the lenses when they're folded, to the classic "Raymond", which everyone loves...when it's all you've got to watch in the in-flight system on American Airlines, and your iPad is out of batteries, and you finished your Graham Greene book.

The store's also got stuff from other great designers, including Hart Schaffner Marx's tailored dress shirts and suits from Hickey Freeman, even though most men -- free or not -- probably should've quit getting hickeys by the time they' least 26.