Get shady without sketching out women

Presumably what happens when you combine Dakota Fanning's intellect with Will Smith's need to shop during the summer, regular glasses-maker Dakota Smith's just dropped their first-ever line of sunglasses for dudes, with each selection from the drop containing intricate details like a duo of fleurs-de-lis in the joint, which's nearly as cool as blueberry-flavored rolling papers. The best selections handpicked for your handsome eyes include

Assurance: This metal/zyl combo features antiqued-up hardware to give 'em a vaguely retro look, and're available in dark brown, dark gun, and dark copper, who often have a tough time, what with all the racist Irish dudes on the force.

Perception: The polarized, Wayfarer-looking numbers are handmade from rich horn acetate, and feature "vintage-inspired detailing" that has a "definite cool quotient", which you end up getting when you divide 138 by 2.

Suspicion: These thin, wide-nosed 'glasses are shaped like classic aviators with beveled crosses on the temples, and're apparently great for "most face types", though hopefully not the ones portrayed by a super-tan Bradley Cooper.