Where hip-hop lives...in the back pocket of your pants

Jared Diamond has an interesting life: he's written several commercially successful books about evolutionary biology, anthropology, and biophysics; he was once sued for $10mil by dudes in Papua New Guinea who weren't psyched he wrote about their "vengeance killings"; and perhaps best of all, he's in no way whatsoever related to Dustin. But he can't be that interesting, because he definitely didn't throw rap lyrics on wallets, and call them Guns, Germs & $teal

Apparently NOT a book explaining why some Eurasian cultures conquered other weaker ones, GG&$'s actually a two-person wallet-making operation composed of locally based NY-transplant graphic designers who handmake money holders that're individually stamped with cash-referencing lyrics from classic hip-hop songs. Each wallet's made from brass w/ the lyrics hammered into the outside, while the interior's got leather straps, rivets, and's lined w/ repurposed flannel or Pendleton wool, which Terry pulled over the Royals' eyes when they signed him in '98 after hitting .248. Lyrics run the gamut, from Too $hort's money-or-drugs claim "I need a dime," to Fat Joe's "Got a handful of stacks" (from "Make it Rain"), to "Swag", which is actually an overall reference to Odd Future (so...the creators are just big fans of Ray Bradbury?).

In addition, each one can be tagged w/ your initials on the back, and comes delivered in a custom-made money bag, which those dudes in Papua New Guinea would probably love to fill with Diamond(s).