Because your Nano isn't just for pumping Blackstreet

Because it looks weird if you just Scotch Tape it to your wrist, the it-almost- sounds-like- that-fancy- British-school Oxnard-based geniuses at fashion house August Accessories have developed Hex Vision Bands, which turn your Nano into a handsome click-in/click-out wristwatch all featuring dock access that's compatible with Nike Plus, and other accessories, though sadly, none of them are cigarette boats. Wear these styles if

You really dig Metal Gear: Their newest edition is made of stainless steel, is available in black or grey, and features a coated plate that improves scratch resistance, also how inner city publicists spin poor people being poor.

You wish that game was called Leather Gear: These pups've got stainless steel plates attached to red, black, or white strips of genuine cowhide, which's hard to do, 'cause those things are usually pretty giant

You can't afford video games, but still want to be relevant: Then snag up one of these silicone-based options, including the grooved-up Original, the air-hole emblazoned Sport, and the Slim, which is for smaller wrist sizes, and people who were given nicknames by their grandfathers.