Buy continental wrist steez

Though your Smurf watch is great for moving up ceremonies and timing yourself while escaping Azrael, classier situations/ formals at Gargamel's castle may call for snagging one from March LA.B, a new high-end line of timepieces from two former Quiksilver guys, one of whom lives right here in LA, and another who calls France home, which's weird, 'cause, for the most part, everyone else just calls it France. The three different mini-lines they've got include

AM1: These classic round-faces come encased by anti-reflective domed glass with a sapphire crystal coating, and come (with a stainless steel band/ retro-style buckle) in either silver or gold; they've also got a white one featuring a band lined with green alcantara and made out of genuine "lizard-style" leather, so expect it to wear a ripped white lab coat and have an irrational hatred of Spider-Man.

JM1: If you prefer stainless steel rectangles, JM's are waterproof to 50m, and're available in white, gold, and "Cheetah", which is probably more for ladies, but if you think you can pull it off...go get 'em, cheetah tiger

JC1: These thinner, more modern-looking circles are available in the black "Banker" (with black lizard leather), the black-with-blue-and-gold-accents "4th Hussard" (inspired by the famous cavalry regiment of the French army's original uniform and adorned with their regiment's insignia), and the white "Shadowplay" featuring a green leather-lined strap made out of lightweight "stingray", which is a solid option if you're not looking for something too Hefty...Smurf.