Belts made by you and the power of metal

From a particularly artsy downtown-based husband-wife team that just happen to own a foundry, Metalcast is a series of current events podcasts by Ozzy Osbourne and a decently obscure dude who used to drum for Judas Priest by-mail service that allows even thoroughly inept artists to create their own custom bronze belt buckles using just a couple tools, so, good news Guy Fieri and that dude who once was married to Anne Hathaway, your lives can finally be productive!

Because there's no way you'd figure it out on your own, here's how it works: place an order, and they'll ship you over a kit containing a leather strap (if you want one), two slabs of wax, a candle (to cut out shapes from one and move them to the other, or to bond the two pieces together if you want a buckle the size of a WWF belt), and two metal tools for cutting. So long as it doesn't end up smaller than 2" x 2", you can do whatever, from cutting off pieces and shaping it, to using a stencil to emblazon it with the hilarious phrase "Did I Do That?", to just digging designs on it with a pencil.

Once you've got your Hello Kitty homage done, just send it back, and they'll cast it in bronze, also the name of a movie Raffaello Follieri is financing from prison about the color of Guy's hair.