Make your eyes king

Because wearing actual trees, while fashionable, can cause extreme stress to your neck, do the next coolest thing and get some eyewear from Sire's Crown, a Downtown company using legit trees, with the result being what they call "the most durable wood frame on the market", which doesn't bode well for the structural integrity of the 3rd and Fairfax Whole Foods.

Among the sun and prescription options:

Hiroki: These pups give off a Swiss-hinged Ray-Ban-ish look, and're available in walnut, Italian ebony, rosewood, and even Inglewood, but really only because people there can buy them online.

Fellini: A thinner-rimmed number inspired by the frames worn by the Italian director of Satyricon, 8 1/2, and about 52 other movies that you've told people you like but definitely have never seen because you're too busy watching She's Just Not That Into You, but, like, ironically.

Moorea: If you like wide lenses and stuff from the future, hit up these jammers in Koa, black wood grain, or Zebrano, also what Italian zookeepers say when people try to sell them zebras when they're at capacity.