But at least it has sweet clothes

Living in hardship can inspire creativity -- after all, Anthony Kiedis never would've written "Under the Bridge" had he not actually lived under one, and Juvenile never would've written "Back That Azz Up" had he not recently lost most of his booty .gifs when his hard drive crashed. For more hard-living inspiration gone right, check out The West Is Dead.Just staking out a spot on the information superhighway today, TWID is a classic-looking Americana-inspired brand from two LA dudes who met in northern Montana while one was living in an horse stall and the other in an abandoned school bus, most likely given up by Ms. Frizzle when the Dept of Education cut Magic Time Travel. Sheathe your lower body with options like Italian/Japanese-blend slim-fit jeans w/ extra fabric in the lower hip and thigh to provide more room, donut-riveted work pants w/ taped interior seams, and lightweight duck-twill chinos specifically made w/ a "hook" of fabric in the back intended to help avoid wedgies...so maybe that school bus wasn't so abandoned after all. To cover your upper back tats of Calvin pissing on stuff, they've got a reversible crew-neck sweatshirt made from French terry on vintage South Carolina looms; chambray button-up shirts w/ scooped side vents; and an extra-long canvas-lined denim jacket made w/ a waterless wash they describe as "Dry Aged", also a savvy liquor store's creative way of promoting their super-old backstock of Bud Dry.In addition, the West is Dead donates part of its profits to charity, and though they're online-only right now, their clothes'll be in stores by the end of the month, with local merchants including Edna King and Traffic, which, especially in this city, causes plenty of hardship under bridges as well.