Wood you like a new watch?

From sunglass frames to entire Ferrari-beating supercars, wood is popping up in all sorts of unexpected places these days...whoa, Grandpa, sit back down, man!!! Putting it on your wrist: WEWOOD.The baby of an Italian shoe dude who loves watches and the environment, WE fashions wooden timepieces from recycled hardwoods and uses state-of-the-art Miyota movements for the guts, resulting in a unique watch that's handsome, earth-friendly, and splash-proof, although not fully waterproof, as "the wood slightly expands when getting wet", which goes against everything you've learned from swimming pools. The first of two designs, the "Date" rocks a classically modern look with a clean round analog face, and linked wood band in color options like solid black or blond, or some with a stripe down the middle, created by switching up wood types from maple to guaiaco, a South American tree whose oils are used by indigenous peoples to treat herpes, meaning it's impossible to lose this particular watch. The other model, the "Chrono", has a wide, more cuff-like profile and a rectangular face with both analog and digital info, and comes in sharp ebony with creamy blond maple, reddish brown, and army green, also what Pauly Shore made buttloads of from In The Army Now another color.Bonus!: with every watch purchased, WE partners with American Forests to plant a tree somewhere in North America, which aids in preventing erosion, keeping water clean, and filtering air pollution, because lord knows another thing popping up around Grandpa is the sweet smell of last night's prunes.

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