You might as well throw out all your other shirts


You might as well throw out all your other shirts
You might as well throw out all your other shirts


Concerned that Tre Cool from Green Day had overtaken the spot in your heart as "most-loved celeb with piercings", the one and only, 305-dwelling, ex-Mr. Carmen Electra just rolled out Rodman Ink: a Greek mythology-inspired line of tees that make Ed Hardy look like he prints Raffi's tour shirts. Since a phenomenon like this obviously can't go overlooked, here are a few choice highlights, and the best situations in which to rock 'em:

Galenthias Dark Gray Burnout; Job Interview: Nothing screams "hire me, asshat!!" like an animal-print-bikini-clad chick walking her pet blue tiger on a chain leash. Except you, while wearing this shirt and screaming "hire me, asshat!!" (Tie optional)

Pandora's Box; First Meeting with the GF’s Parents: This pale yellow guy sports a charming busty naked babe front and center, proving to her mom and dad that, at the very least, you are attracted to women, and have enough money to buy t-shirts made by ex-Celebrity Apprentice contestants. (Tie not optional)

Feast of The Nymph; A Party on Dennis Rodman's Veranda: Rocking a very visible thong, knee-high boots, and some serious side-boob, Atlas' little sexpot offspring sits on some giant skulls, and will certainly impress your kind host so much, he’ll give you Judd Bucheler's pager number. (Tie mandatory, Judd's very conservative)

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