Seriously, you can't lose while wearing this stuff

Sometimes, you want a lobster on your towel. All the time, you want a lobster on your shirt. So thank the lord for Win Win Beachwear, the brainchild of two former high school classmates that's inspired by the "carefree beach lifestyles of the '50s and '60s", and (in addition to badass boardshorts) puts out awesomely retro cabana jackets that double as towels. And often have lobsters on them.The looks:Classic Win: Aiming to "hold true to surfer dude tradition", these relaxed terrycloth-lined button-ups don't have jobs, plus are emblazoned with everything from an armada of sailboats to those lobsters, and get a generous cut to leave extra room for "hanging ten".Slim Win: Not to be confused with when Ed McMahon shows up at your door with a giant check that can only buy Slim Jims, Slim Win's a more tailored version of the classic, perfect for people who didn't eat all those Slim Jims.Win Trunks: Pair either of the aforementioned towel-shirts with classy '50s-era swimsuits in Blue Seersucker and Palm Tree Tropical Seascape, or, dotted with the eponymous autos, "Woody Wagon", because all the time, it's very difficult to not get a woody on the beach.