Target guy targets cooler stuff

By day, David Schwen's an award-winning creative at Target. But by night, he peddles his own bizarre collection of designs which, ironically, is basically the one collection not carried by Target. Skip over Lauren Conrad's breezy-yet-chic-yet-affordable stylings in favor of:

Tees: Cover your chesticles with "Hipster Beer" (which personifies a PBR-ish can exactly as you'd expect), or don Star Wars joints like Han frozen in a creamsicle ("Han Solo Pop"), or a new one called "This Is Not The Eye Chart You're Looking For".

Posters: Idolize giant neon insects with the color-changing "Gradi(ant)"; study a hamburger dissected into planetary layers in "The Burger's Inner Core"; and celebrate gross fashion with his latest, "Ugly Summer Sweater", aka James Gandolfini anytime between June and August.

Interestingly, exactly 365 of the designs (including a couple of those listed above) come from Schwen's just-completed "Make Something Cool Everyday" project, meaning unlike someone's appearance in LC's new beachy mod line for Target, his online catalog's anything but thin.