Get your shoes built-up by some real cobble-heads

Did you know that back in the day, Louie Anderson wasn't the only one who frequently enjoyed cobblers? It's true: even before Louie started scarfing the fruity, crust-less pies, gentlemen of higher refinement were having shoes custom-made and hand-repaired by the skilled artisans. Now virtual menswear shop Greenwich Vintage wants you to relive those glory days by building you some seriously classy kicks with the same old-school methods

Here's how this works

  • You watch this video and realize you need these
  • You hit GreenwichVintage.us to initiate the process at their just-dropped online shoe storefront
  • You send them the vintage boots or wingtips you want "revitalized, rebuilt, and customized", or just tell 'em the style, color, and size, and they'll track down the starter shoes for you
  • You go away for a few days. Maybe grab a beer at that bar where Swayze used to bounce.
  • Your shoes are re-sturdied and stitched
  • Your shoes' sidewalls are re-sewn with tasteful, vintage fabric (if you want)
  • Your shoes are given the ultimate conversation starter: hand-poured, brightly colored soles in either the lower-profile "Commando" pattern, or the "Bricklayer", a vastly beefier underside, not unlike that possessed by one Mr. Anderson

Photo Credit: Eliesa Johnson